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Kim Kardashian Naked Art Photos    Share/Bookmark

     January 29, 2014

Kim Kardashian, reality star and consort of several famous alpha males including 50 Cent, Kanye West NS Julian St. Jox, has done a couple of artistic shoots for W magazine including a now famous cover shot that features the bright red ironic slugged statements of artist Barbara Kruger graphically slapped over her private parts.

Kardashian takes many nearly naked selfies and provocative shots on her on social media account Twitter, it is her W shots that are considered to be among the most beautiful nudes taken of any woman ever. In one W shoot she was completely covered in strings of pearls. In a second she was spray-painted silver from collarbone down to her toes. This makes the famous well-rounded booty and giant breasts of Kim K look like a modern day statue of the love Goddess Venus.



Kim Kardashian Full Frontal Nude Kim Kardashian Full Nude From Back Kim Kardashian Naked With Pearls Kim Kardashian Raunchy Reclining Nude Kim Kardashian Naked Ass

Kim Kardashian Semi Naked for Kanye West New Video    Share/Bookmark

     November 21, 2013

So ever since Kim Kardashian started dating this Kanye West dude, they have made everything possible for them to be in the spotlight, and they don’t even care in what way the only important thing is to be on the tabloids.

Today we have found these photos of both of them making out in a motorcycle, and she appears to be semi naked on top of him, whatever way that puts Kim Kardashian and naked in a same sentence is a good one.

Let’s thank this douchebag for taking his beautiful fiancÈ and placing her in one of his videos, Kim Kardashian is sure one of the sexiest woman on earth so we really appreciate him doing this.



Kim Kardashian Topless with Boyfriend pic Kim Kardashian Nude Silhouette photography Kim Kardashian Making Out in Camera photo Kim Kardashian Hot Body picture

Kim Kardashian’s New Sexy MILF Body Photo     Share/Bookmark

     October 21, 2013

Kim Kardashian recently had a baby and we were all wondering why she took so long before appearing in the public eye, apparently she was taking some time to recover her sexy body and we can see that she did.

And she decided to let all of us know that she is sexy again with an Instagram photo, and we have to say that Kim Kardashian is definitely looking super sexy and she has become officially in a MILF and we are enjoying it.

So unfortunately she is with Kanye West and had a baby with him, but as long as she keeps showing us her sexy body in sexy selfies we are ok with the fact that she is not available anymore, Kim Kardashian is a hot MILF.



Kim Kardashian Sexy MILF Body pic

Kim Kardashian Shows her Big MILF Boobs Photos     Share/Bookmark

     October 03, 2013

Since Kim Kardashian gave birth, we didn’t knew much about her, apparently she was focusing on how to get her body in shape again and go back to be the sexy babe that she has always been, and we can say that she succeeded.

Kim Kardashian went from being a hot babe to a hot momma and we are super pleased to see that she is enjoying the good things about motherhood, as for example her huge tits that she has now to show.

Not that she didn’t have any before, but now they look even better and all we can say is that we hope that Kim Kardashian embraces this new face of her life as one hot sexy MILF.



Kim Kardashian Huge Cleavage photography Kim Kardashian Sexy Momma Juggs pic Kim Kardashian Hot Revealing Outfit photo Kim Kardashian Blonde MILF picture

Kim Kardashian Big Tits in Deep Cleavage Photos     Share/Bookmark

     March 04, 2013

So if you are a big fan of Kim Kardashian and her big tits you might want to check out these photos because soon she will have a pregnant belly that won’t make her that desirable for a while, though she might get even hotter after.

The soon to become MILF made this photo shoot trying to save some money before she becomes fat with pregnancy, Kim Kardashian is taking care of her business and doing what she does best, selling her image.

Hot tits in deep cleavage are always a good way of making money and apparently Kim Kardashian is an expert in the subject, so come on and enjoy them.



Kim Kardashian Big Tits Cleavage pic Kim Kardashian Deep Cleavage picture Kim Kardashian Wet Hottie photography Kim Kardashian Sexy Cleavage photo

Kim Kardashian Sexy Mermaid Halloween Costume Photos     Share/Bookmark

     October 30, 2012

This weekend celebrities took advantage of the famous Halloween celebrations and dressed up as characters that they want it to be when they were little or now that they are old enough to play it, Kim Kardashian was one of them.

The bootylicious girl showed a costume of mermaid and we have to say that she looked really gorgeous with that costume that showed up her pronounced curves in her nice body, she totally nailed it.

So we are pretty sure that you as us will be pretty happy to check out these photos of Kim Kardashain completely beautiful and sexy.



Kim Kardashian Mermaid Curves picture Kim Kardashian Big Mermaid Ass photography Kim Kardashian Sexy Mermaid photo Kim Kardashian Beautiful and Hot pic

Kim Kardashian Funny Attack Video     Share/Bookmark

     March 29, 2012

Apparently someone thought that Kim Kardashian looked pretty good in white so she got covered in flour at some kind of red carpet even that she assisted, it is pretty funny how the chick comes closer and attacks her.

So we don’t know if this is true or false, but I have to say that either way is always nice to see Hollywood artists in embarrassing moments, though Kim Kardashian had hers long time ago with her sex tape.

Anyways, click and laugh a little about Kim Kardashian ready to be fried like a chicken, and be the judge and tell us if you think that is true or fake.



Kim Kardashian Sensual Bombshell Video     Share/Bookmark

     February 03, 2012

Apparently after that she got bored of being married, Kim Kardashian just went back to her old life style having sexy photos taken and posing for every possible magazine that exists so that everyone can forget the marriage mess.

We can be distracted from this video of course she poses all sexy with little clothes on and watching the camara like she wanted it to eat you up, that’s what the girls like Kim Kardashian do, they play with your mind.

But for the rest of the world will be difficult to forget that she was married and got divorce super quick and that she did a big media madness with that so Kim Kardashian we are not complaining about your method but it might not be working, so take off all your clothes.



Kim Kardashian’s Sneak Peek of Jam Music Video     Share/Bookmark

     August 31, 2011

Even though that she recently got married with some giant dude, we will always be huge fans of Kim Kardashian more specifically we will always be fans of her sexy body and awesome ass that she has.

So, today we have found a sneak peek of her new music video called Jam and of course we are sharing it with you because the first thing that we can see in the video is Kim Kardashian’s awesome ass.

Anyways, you don’t have to listen to the track if you don’t want to but do pay attention about how hot she looks on her new video, Kim Kardashian is any male’s fantasy.



Kim Kardashian and Sister Kourtney Bikini Hotness Photos     Share/Bookmark

     May 09, 2011

We must say that even though nobody knows exactly where they come from, who are them or what they do, we all love to watch some Kardashian extravaganza, especially if it includes the two hottest sisters Kim Kardashian and Kourtney.

Apparently the duo went to Mexico to enjoy the weather and have some margaritas in the beach, and they did it in amazing bikinis that allowed us to see that Kourtney is totally hot again after her baby was born, and Kim Kardashian is hotter than ever.

So, come on in and enjoy the photos of these hot sisters in bikinis on the beach, a perfect scenario for you to imagine your fantasies with Kim Kardashian and sister coming true.



Kim Kardashian Hot and Tanned pic Kim Kardashian Sister Sexy Tigress photography Kim Kardashian White Bikini Babe photo

Kim Kardashian Sexy Super Bowl Ad Video     Share/Bookmark

     February 08, 2011

On Super Bowl night, Kim Kardashian made it to the pinnacle of hotness, pushing workout shoes while flashing her curvaceous and sand-blasted body in her footwear fantastic big game commercial.

We can be almost sure that since that commercial aired, a lot women are planning to buy those sneakers just for the hope of getting a toned and hot body as Kim Kardashian, well you might as well try it.

And for those of you male viewers, that were on some sort of cave and miss the Super Bowl commercial, here we have it for you, a couple of seconds of the always beautiful and sexy Kim Kardashian.



Kim Kardashian Totally Naked on Magazine Cover Photos     Share/Bookmark

     October 18, 2010

On the newest issue of W Magazine, we have a really sexy cover starring Kim Kardashian amazing naked body, covered in some sort of silver paint, and even though is mean to look artistic, we think that is hot.

So, apparently Kim Kardashian just loves our attention, and even if we do enjoy her ways to acquire that, we assume that she will be criticized by those who don’t see what we do on pictures like these.

Anyways, if you are a fan, and you agree to say that Kim Kardashian is on of the hottest chicks in town, then come inside and enjoy these wonderful photos.



Kim Kardashian Silver Painted Body pic Kim Kardashian Amazing Naked picture Kim Kardashian Sexy Nude Back pic Kim Kardashian Uncovered Tits photography

Kim Kardashian Hottest Babe in Town Photos     Share/Bookmark

     August 19, 2010

Here Kim Kardashian busting out her bodacious curves and doing one hell of a job at dropping some serious cleavage in the newest issue of Allure magazine. This girl is definitely becoming the hottest one in town.

I’m always mesmerized by this girl’s hotness and cleavage (not to mention her generous booty), is just like she keeps getting hot at every single instant, and you know that you gotta love Kim Kardashian.

Enjoy the photos, and make sure to check out Allure’s website for a whole lot more Kim Kardashian hotness! I’m sure that you will love to see her curves and hot cleavage.



Kim Kardashian Beautiful Hottie photography Kim Kardashian Sexy Cleavage picture Kim Kardashian Busty Babe photo Kim Kardashian Curvy Cutie pic

Kim Kardashian Amazing Ass on Bikini Photos     Share/Bookmark

     July 20, 2010

Kim Kardashian spent some days at the beach on an amazing bikini, showing her spectacular curves, we gotta admit that she looks amazing, this chick everyday gets even better and we can’t get enough.

Though we do know now, that this sexy babe is crazy about black dudes, so if you are one, you got already a chance, because Kim Kardashian is all about them, or even if you aren’t one you can always take a shot and see what happens, who knows right?

Anyways, here is Kim Kardashian on the beach on a bikini with her sister Kourtney, both of them look awesome though our always favorite will be Kim, so take a peek and enjoy them.



Kim Kardashian Hot Curves picture Kim Kardashian Big Round Ass pic Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Sexy Babes photo Kim Kardashian Busty and Smoking picture

Kim Kardashian Bikini Hot Babe Photos     Share/Bookmark

     March 31, 2010

These Kim Kardashian bikini pictures that were posted on Twitter are a somewhat desperate attempt to regain the spotlight. Because nothing says "I need to be the centre of attention at all times" than flashing your tits in front of the world.

Of course, like any good attention whore knows, you don't show off everything right away, because then they won't come back for more, so that's why these aren't Kim Kardashian topless pictures, even though they should be.

So, even if she is an attention whore, we love how hot those tits look from that angle, so Kim Kardashian keep uploading those pics, because at least my attention you will receive.



Kim Kardashian Sexy Tanned Body pic Kim Kardashian Bikini Cleavage photo Kim Kardashian Blows a Kiss picture

Kim Kardashian’s Ass on a Bikini Photos     Share/Bookmark

     March 10, 2010

So it is always fun to watch Kim Kardashian’s huge ass, but is specially fun when she is on a bikini in some random beach anywhere on the globe, this time the location is Costa Rica, apparently she want it some latin spice.

The bad thing about the photos, is that we don’t have her absolutely naked on some nude beach, instead we have Kim Kardashian on a sexy bikini, but with her long time boyfriend Reggie Bush, who is of course, one of the luckiest men alive.

Anyways, come and enjoy seeing her with her tight bikini, and look how Kim Kardashian’s ass struggles to remain on its place inside of that bikini, a difficult task to complete I’ll say.



Kim Kardashian on the Beach photo Kim Kardashian Kissing her Boyfriend photo Kim Kardashian Amazing Bikini Body pic Kim Kardashian Huge Ass picture

Kim Kardashian is the Super Bowl Naked Babe Photos     Share/Bookmark

     February 05, 2010

So you all know Kim Kardashian, who can’t forget that beautiful lady with the amazing and gigantic ass that any man on the world would be more than happy to massage and do some other naughty stuff.

Anyways, as you may or not know Kim Kardashian is dating with a player of the Saints, so people are starting to comment that she may be the lucky charm for the team, because man, that ass has to do some difference huh?

Kim Kardashian will be for sure encouraging her boyfriend, and maybe she will distract the players from the other team and it is a strategy perhaps, if she show herself naked as in this pictures I’m pretty sure that no one will even play attention to the game.



Kim Kardashian Semi Nude photography Kim Kardashian Big Naked Ass pic Kim Kardashian Amazing Hot Babe photo Kim Kardashian Juicy Tight Ass pic

Kim Kardashian Hot New Photos     Share/Bookmark

     January 12, 2010

Here are a couple of Kim Kardashian bikini pictures from the new issue of OK! Magazine, and yeah, she looks pretty good.

I just wish I knew why Kim Kardashian was famous. I know she's been around for a while, and she had her own reality show, and a sex tape and all of that, but back to the beginning, why was she given a reality show, and why did anyone care about her sex tape besides the fact that she has big tits.

I think that what made Kim Kardashian famous was her big ass, and her supposed friendship with Paris Hilton, but seriously, we don’t even see them together anymore, so let’s stick to the ass theory.



Kim Kardashian Busty and Hot Cover pic Kim Kardashian Hot New Body photo

Kim Kardashian Sexy on Interracial Photos     Share/Bookmark

     March 24, 2009

Looking at these Kim Kardashian bikini pictures from the new issue of GQ, I can't help but think that the magazine doesn't really give a crap about the current economic crisis, and they rather celebrate it with a hot interracial photoshoot.

You've got Kim Kardashian, and her boyfriend, Reggie Bush, lounging by the pool, lying on top of a $100,000 Audi R8, and relaxing in their unforclosed home, making a perfect scenario for an interracial sex tape, that will help them to get a couple of bucks.

And then there's the fact that this recession obviously hasn't hit Kim Kardashian's ass, cause the girl keeps looking her best and her black boyfriend is the one enjoying it, so take a peek and if your fantasy is interracial sex, let your imagination fly.


Kim Kardashian Sexy on Interracial Photos

Kim Kardashian on her Strong Black Man pic Kim Kardashian and Boyfriend Looking Sexy Together pic Kim Kardashian Deep Cleavage photography Kim Kardashian Interracial Hug picture
Kim Kardashian Wonderful Body photo      


Kim Kardashian Sexy Without Makeup     Share/Bookmark

     August 22, 2008

Here we have some pictures of the diva Kim Kardashian arriving at the Coco DeVille night-club. What really surprised everybody was that she was wearing casual clothes, blue-jeans and a t-shirt, and to mention “No Makeup” at all.

I think Kim Kardashian still looks pretty hot in that type of apparel. The problem is that people just think of Kim dressing with fancy designer clothes and always showing her sexy cleavage and big booty.

Please check out these pictures of Kim Kardashian and enjoy this babe in the natural way!


Kim Kardashian Sexy Without Makeup Photos

Kim Kardashian Talking in the Phone Pic Kim Kardashian Sporty Outfit Photo Kim Kardashian Arriving at the Club Picture Kim Kardashian Sexy Smile Pic
Kim Kardashian Wearing Jeans Photo Kim Kardashian Ass Pic    


Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra Catfight Video     Share/Bookmark

     August 21, 2008

Check this sexy video clip of Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra wrestling in their latest movie “Disaster Movie”.

This catfight between these two hot beauties is amazing, who can imagine Kim Kardashian fighting with that huge ass and Carmen Electra with that total sweet body inside a ring.

Anyway, if you want to see Kim and Carmen hot asses and tits, don’t miss this movie.


Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra Catfight Video


Kim Kardashian Beach Hottie Photos     Share/Bookmark

     August 08, 2008

Apparently seeing Kim Kardashian in a bikini doesn't get old, cause c'mon it's pretty normal that guys love to see gorgeous women with little outfits on their bodies, and she is one piece of work that can make any man go nuts.

Yes, she has been in any kind of scandals, she has an interracial sex video, and she is better know for her ass rather than her face, but anyways who cares about that as long as Kim Kardashian keeps showing off her body.

So with no further details, here we got a summer treat for you, here she is Kim Kardashian smiling and giving us a nice view of all the right curves on her body wearing a tiny bikini that leave just a little to imagination.



Kim Kardashian Hot Body photo Kim Kardashian Wet Hottie photography Kim Kardashian Busty Babe picture Kim Kardashian Sexy on the Beach pic


Kim Kardashian's Nude Ass on TV Video     Share/Bookmark

     May 29, 2008

Let's be honest, it is not a big deal at all to see Kim Kardashian's ass nude, cause most of all that follow what the girl does, just because c'mon she has a great ass, have seen her sex tape with her ex husband.

Now it is quite funny to see her reality show tv, and all the stupid things that they do, trying to act like a normal family when it's pretty clear that is not normal having a daughter or sister that looks like an expensive whore like Kim Kardashian.

But anyways the show keeps being on tv, and now on the season summary of the reality show, we got one clear shot of Kim Kardashian's nude ass, when she is trying to put on some pants that don't fit thanks to her big size trunk. Not a big deal but still entertaining.



Kim Kardashian Smiles To The Cam pic Kim Kardashian Ass Crack photography Kim Kardashian Giant Ass picture



Kim Kardashian Cellulite Treatment     Share/Bookmark

     May 15, 2008

Here are pictures and a video-clip from the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” of Kim Kardashian getting her body worked on, especificly her ass and thighs, and not in the way you are thinking. Kim decided to film her cellulite body treatment and give us a few shots of her.

I really miss the old days when women had things like cellulite treatment or botox injections done in private, but thanks to the reality shows, we can enjoy these stuff.

Can you imagine your mother or sister letting anyone see them in their sexy leopard print panties getting something so personal done to their body and private areas?

I only have one thing to say, God Bless Kim!!


Kim Kardashian Cellulite Treatment Pictures

Kim Kardashian Lying in the Bed Picture Kim Kardashian Touching her Thight photo Kim Kardashian Hot Body Photo Kim Kardashian Cellulite Ass Treatment Picture
Kim Kardashian Sexy Tummy Treatment photo      


Kim Kardashian Cellulite Treatment Video

Kim Kardashian's Ass Dissapeared? Photos     Share/Bookmark

     May 08, 2008

Rumour has it that Kim Kardashian is getting some treatment to get her ass reducted, who would've known that she is unhappy about her ass being so big, I mean pretty much every woman on earth likes to have some junk in the trunk, right?

So for someone like Kim Kardashian that her main focus point is that she has a big ass, and I think she knows that her show has all those viewers just with the fantasy to get to see a little more of her hot big ass.

Apparently the reason why she is getting her ass reducted is for a photoshoot for a calendar, as a gift to her boyfriend on his birthday, and for sale don't worry you perverts, so the main point is that thanks to this a*hole we will lose some size on that great ass that Kim Kardashian used to have, and now she has lost her charm.



Kim Kardashian Big Tits picture Kim Kardashian Sexy Jersey photo Kim Kardashian Topless photography Kim Kardashian Naughty Look picture
Kim Kardashain Hot Bikini photography Kim Kardashian Photoshoot pic    


Kim Kardashian's Juicy Ass Photos     Share/Bookmark

     March 07, 2008

Here are some Kim Kardashian bikini photos, and we gotta say that this chick has a huge and juicy ass, man the things that can come to your mind looking at it, is round and big and I mean it should have its own area code or something.

But I guess that everyone knows, well at least any living man on earth knows, that Kim Kardashian's ass is big, and that she had a sex tape, and some lucky bastard could tap that ass several times.

So, here are the photos, where she is on a zebra bikini trying to cover that huge ass, but Kim Kardashian is failing big time, cause you would have to kill all zebras of the world to be able to cover that hot butt.



Kim Kardashian on the Beach photo Kim Kardashin on the Pool pic Kim Kardashian Hot Ass photography Kim Kardashian Big Butt picture
Kim Kardashian Juicy and Wet Ass pic Kim Kardashian Sexy Curvy Body pic    


Kim Kardashian Naughty on Playboy     Share/Bookmark

     November 20, 2007

Here we got some original pics from Kim Kardashian's Playboy Photoshoot. We gotta admit that the girl looks hot, that kinda slutty body looks good naked, and with those big tits and ass we can give her a 10 on hotness.

Kim Kardashian talked about the reasons she had to post naked on Playboy, according to her money was not one of them, in fact she said that she did it for young girls to see that to be a busty and curvy girl is not a bad thing, you can still be hot without looking like something that the wind can blow away.

Also, Kim Kardashian said that her mother was the top reason why she did it, she said that literally her mom made her do this, and that she thinks her mom lives through her, well as long as we know, thanks a lot momma!



Kim Kardashian Playboy Topless photography Kim Kardashian Playboy Cover picture Kim Kardashian Hot Sheets photo Kim Kardashian Sexy Body pic
Kim Kardashian Slutty on Pink photo Kim Kardashian Big Sexy Ass photo    



Kim Kardashian Playboy Sneak Peek     Share/Bookmark

     October 26, 2007

Here we have a little something on how is going to look Kim Kardashian on her Playboy photoshoot, she put it on her reality tv show which to be totally honest i don't think anyone is watching but at least we can get some good stuff like this.

So without further explanations, here she is Kim Kardashian on a quick video of her photoshoot for Playboy Magazine, we gotta admit that Kim Kardashian is hot, and those issues of Playboy will be completelly gone as soon as they get them on sale.

Let's enjoy some photos and the video.



Kim Kardashian Big Boobs Playboy photo Kim Kardashian Hot on Playboy pic Kim Kardashian Covered on Pearls picture Kim Kardashian Sexy Photoshoot photography




More Kim Kardashian Sex Tapes Rumours     Share/Bookmark

     October 18, 2007

Rumour has it that the porn guys from Vivid Entertainment are announcing that they have more sex tapes featuring Kim Kardashian, and it seems that are several versions of this dirty and naughty girl.

Apparently the sales for the first sex tape has been very succesfull and now with the Playboy shooting coming soon, Kim Kardashian has become a very famous person for doing pretty much nothing. The new project that Kim Kardashian has is a reality show named Keeping Up With The Kardashian's which was released on October 14th, it is mainly about the life of Kim and her family, the producer is Ryan Seacrest and the serie will have 6 first episodes.

So according to our friends at Vivid Entertainment this new merchandise will be released soon, we will keep you posted about all this rumours, and this girl that apparently is following every single step of her dear friend Paris Hilton.



Kim Kardashian Nice Cleavage picture Kim Kardashian on Red Dress photo Kim Kardashian Big Tits photography Kim Kardashian with Girlfriend pic
Kim Kardashian Curvy Body photography Kim Kardashian Pornstar picture    




Kim Kardashian on Playboy     Share/Bookmark

     July 23, 2007

The new hot gossip is that Kim Kardashian will be on Playboy magazine. The rumors seems to be true. She will definitely appear in an upcoming isssue of the popular Playboy magazine, this is confirmed through very close sources. But the real deal is that nobody knows if she will be showing her hot naked body. Some says that it will be a non-nude picture spread. We have to wait to see if she will be clothed or unclothed.

Kim Kardashian is famous due to her close friendship with Paris Hilton, but she became more famous when an stolen sex tape appeared in internet, featuring herself and ex-boyfriend R&B star Ray J., brother of singer Brandy.

The tape was first realeased on DVD by the famous porn company Vivid Entertainment. The tape called “Kim Kardashian Superstar” was a total success. But prior to its release, Kim Kardashian filed suit in an attempt to stop the distribution of the sex video.

The fans will need desperately to wait to see if the ex former Americand Idol star will show her giant boobs and enormous backside, anyway, if she wants to remain in the hollywood hot news is better that she “take it off”.



Hot sexy Kim Kardashian posing in a car pic Kim at the beach with hot purple swim suit pic Kim Kardashian glamorous pic Kim Kardashian playing kiss with hot girl pic



Kim Kardashian Is New Pussycat     Share/Bookmark

     Jun 18, 2007

Raunchy burlesque act The Pussycat Dolls have a new member. Kim Kardashian will soon be showing her tush as she joins the Pussycat Dolls at Caesar's Palace during 2007 Summer.

Sex tape girl Kim Kardashian, the tush-a-luscious sex-kitten will follow in the paw prints of Scarlett Johannson, Carmen Electra and Eva Longoria when she joins the Pussycat Dolls in their hit Las Vegas burlesque revue this August.

Kim Kardashian got fame through her close friendship with hotel heiress Paris Hilton, then notoriety when a sex video of her having sex with then-boyfriend Ray J leaked the internet then went into DVD format.

Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Biel had better watch their, er, backs -- cuz there's a new booty-ful babe on the block -- Kim KardASShian!



Kim Kardashian Red Skirt Buttocks Image Kim Kardashian Pussycats Doll Photograph Kim Kardashian Pussycats Doll Announcement Picture Kim Kardashian Pusscats Doll White Cleavage Pic
Kim Kardashian Pussycats Doll Friends Photo Kim Kardashian Big Tush Picture Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Photography  



Vivid Stops Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Sale     Share/Bookmark

     May 24, 2007

For those people interested in Kardashian's sex tape with R&B singer Ray J there is a bad news: distributor Vivid Entertainment has announced that they will stop selling the sex tape on May 31.

According to the release, Vivid's decision is personal, and has nothing to do with Kardashian's so far failed legal maneuvering to keep the tape out of stores. "We have always believed we have the right to sell the tape, but I’ve made a personal decision to suspend sales,” said Stephen Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid.

In other news on Kim Kardashian, she will performing a starring role in a new E! reality series.

The new E! show will center on the family life of Kardashian, Contactmusic reports. In another attempt to capitalize on the voyeuristic nature of TV viewers, the question is whether enough people will be drawn to a show concentrating on Kardashian.

If it does happen, the series will also star her nine siblings, stepfather (1976 Olympic Games gold medalist) Bruce Jenner and mother Kris Kardashian.

Kardashian is also awaiting Vivid's $5 million settlement over the distribution of her sex tape.



Kim Kardashian Pink Pants Photo Kim Kardashian Flirts On Street Picture Kim Kardashian Sporty Outfit Pic Kim Kardashian Rouge Lips Image
Kim Kardashian Poses Black Top Photograph Kim Kardashian Stunning Looks Photo Kim Kardashian Stoli Hotel Party Picture Kim Kardashian Flirts In Black Dress Photograph
Kim Kardashian Awaits For 5 Million Pic Kim Kardashian Struts Her Pose Image Kim Kardashian Sexy Back Pic  



KIM KARDASHIAN GETS 5M     Share/Bookmark

     May 10, 2007

Socialité Kim Kardashian, star of a sex tape that she made three years ago with former boyfriend, singer Ray J, will put 5 million dollars into her purse for dropping the lawsuit she filed against the company that released it.

A US magazine reports that Vivid Entertainment will pay that amount to the star of "Kim Kardashian Superstar" sex video, and that the porn company will stop selling the sex tape by the end of May.

By the time the celebrity sex video appeared, Kim Kardashian swore she had nothing to do with the video’s leak and was “hurt and embarrassed” by it.

"We've always known we had the legal right to distribute this video which became an instant best-seller and we've always wanted to work something out with Kim so she could share in the profits," added a Vivid Entertainment's spokesman.

The DVD has become a best seller in adult video stores and on online at following its release in March.



Kim Kardashian 5 Millions Photo Kim Kardashian Feline Skirt Photo Kim Kardashian Black Dress Image

Kim Kardashian Sex Video Released     Share/Bookmark

     March 23, 2007

Socialité Kim Kardashian and her former black boyfriend have joined the interracial hardcore house of fame after the releasing Vivid Entertainment's new celebrity sex video that “stars” Kim Kardashian and R&B singer Ray J.

The “homemade movie” launch marks the first ever “day and date” celebrity sex tape release in downloadable and DVD formats, respectively.

Vivid had signed an exclusive contract with a webpage to provide full “Download to DVD” access to “Kim Kardashian Superstar,” starting on March 21st – the same day the sex tape went on sale in retail stores nationwide. This all comes despite a lawsuit against Vivid by Kim Kardashian, which is still being pursued.

The cost of the downloaded version is $39.95, the same as the retail DVD. If you download a copy, you can even print out a label identical to that used in the retail packaging. The Kim Kardashian Super Star Sex Video has a soundtrack, lighting, and a talk over track all up and through it.



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Kim Kardashian's Ex Porn Deal     Share/Bookmark

     March 22, 2007

R&B recording artist Ray J has been offered a contract to become a hardcore porn mogul by adult film bosses who liked what they saw on his Kim Kardashian sex tape.

The singer, Brandy's little sibling, filmed a sex tape session with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian and the footage found its way into the hands of porn bosses at Vivid Entertainment. Ray J directed his sex tape with Kim Kardashian by choosing the camera location and angles.

The porn deal would give Ray J the rights to direct his own line of films for the adult movie house. Vivid co-chairman Steve Hirsch offered Ray J a four-picture directing deal, the terms of which were not disclosed.

Obviously Ray J is a very talented guy,” Hirsch said. “We think he would be a perfect fit at Vivid and can make some wonderful movies for us.”



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     March 1, 2007

Porn video company Vivid Entertainment announced that the saucy sex video of socialite girl Kim Kardashian has been put on hold as they want to fix things out in person with Kim Kardashian.

The distribution of the Kim Kardashian/Ray J sex DVD, Kim Kardashian Superstar will be halted. According to Vivid co-chairman, Steven Hirsch, they've decided to put the DVD's release on hold until the company can set up a meeting with the Hollywood socialite.

In a public declaration the company stated, “We feel that it is most important that we have an opportunity to meet with Ms. Kardashian as soon as possible. We have reached out to her to try and set up a meeting."

Vivid insists they have the legal right to distribuite the Kim Kardashian Superstar sex video where she appears having raunchy sex with her afro-beau Ray J.



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