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Christina Aguilera Slim and Sexy Body Photos

     November 27, 2013

We have seen the transformation of Christina Aguilera lately, she went from ultra-big and curvy to a petite and slim babe we have no idea what she has done with her body but whatever it is, it’s working.

So this past weekend she appeared in the American Music Awards showing a tight white dress that allowed us to see that Christina Aguilera is back at being the sexy mamma that we all loved, even though that she looks kind of different.

Anyways, you are the judge of whether Christina Aguilera looked better now or before, we love her either way.



Christina Aguilera Curvy Petite Body pic Christina Aguilera Deep Cleavage photographyc Christina Aguilera Slim and Sexy photo Christina Aguilera Sassy Beauty picture

Christina Aguilera Sexy Performance for The Voice Video

     June 20, 2013

It’s been a while since we say the sexy Christina Aguilera performing, she has been away from the media and forgotten all about her fans, but now she came back and is making us all remember why we love her.

Christina Aguilera started to be a judge in The Voice and had some weight on her, but now the famous singer decided to get fit and showed it in this performance that she had with Pitbull on stage.

She is looking curvy and beautiful, and showing that she is once again a sexy mama, so come on and watch Christina Aguilera and her sexy return.



Christina Aguilera Semi-Nude Hottie Photos

     June 17, 2011

Let’s close the week with some photos of someone that we haven’t seen much lately and that in the meantime got divorced so it means that she is single and ready to mingle, we are talking about Christina Aguilera.

I’m sure that lots of you are fans of hers, and why not, she is a sexy blonde that has an amazing and sexy voice, and of course she is always showing her big tits, Christina Aguilera is a real hottie and we love the fact that she is single again.

Even if she is a MILF, that doesn’t matter take a look at how good she looks now that she is single again on this photos where Christina Aguilera is semi-naked , go on and take a look and we know that you will enjoy it.



Christina Aguilera Semi Nude photography Christina Aguilera Beautiful Goddess picture

Christina Aguilera’s Naughty Return Video

     May 03, 2010

It’s been a while since we saw anything about Christina Aguilera here, but she has shown that she wasn’t retired just taking a long break and now is time to give us a great surprise with this new video.

I’m sure you all remember her time being dirty and all that stuff, with the sweaty body and the piercings and stuff, well apparently the old Christina Aguilera is back, maybe she got tired of playing a lady on her new life.

So anyways, take a peek at her new video and let us know what you think about it, I’m sure a lot of you will love the return of the naughty Christina Aguilera.



Christina Aguilera Busty and Sexy Photos

     October 23, 2008

It's been a while since we saw Christina Aguilera on a cool photoshoot of her, without pointing the obvious about her tits, here she is as a sexy spacegirl riding a giant rocket in some promo pics for her greatest hits album.

Though I don’t quite understand how someone in their twenties can have a greatest hits album, apparently Christina Aguilera thought that this was the best way to do a come back, or maybe trying to steal some attention from Britney? Who knows?

The point is, here is Christina Aguilera looking finally kinda sexy and letting us enjoy that great body and tits that she has post pregnancy, and not looking like a clown or a transvestite, this Christina is the dirty one that we all remember.



Christina Aguilera Space Cowgirl photography Christina Aguilera Funny Sexy pic Christina Aguilera Goofy Cutie picture Christina Aguilera Hot Kiss photo
Christina Aguilera Slut Look photo Christina Aguilera Space Dildo photography    


Christina Aguilera Huge Breasts

     May 16, 2008

Here is Christina Aguilera showing again her huge breasts. I really think that she likes to be the center of attention. That lolas are giangantic. I can´t imagine Christina feeding her baby with those silicon boobs. I guess if those things get any bigger, they are  going to explode.

You have to see these monster cleavage pictures of her. I haven’t seen her look like this in years, and believe it or not, I think she looks so damn smoking and super hot.

I only have one thing to say, Baby want milk!


Christina Aguilera Huge Breasts Pictures

Christina Aguilera Sexy Photo Christina Aguilera Walking with Sexy Chest Out photo Christina Aguilera Sexy Cleavage Picture Christina Aguilera Huge Breasts photo
Christina Aguilera Walking with Friend Christina Aguilera Super Tits photo    


Christina Aguilera Hot and Topless Photos

     April 30, 2008

Christina Aguilera is back on Maxim magazine, last time she was on the cover of this magazine, it was the best selling cover of all times, so apparently the girl has some love here, and she might break her own record with this new cover.

She had and interesting interview with them, answer some personal questions, where Christina Aguilera said that she was very connected with her sexuality and that her husband is Ok with it, and that's one of the many things that she loves about him.

So now the new mommy is here and she is looking better than ever, so take a peek at her photoshoot and enjoy her wonderful body, we gotta accept that Christina Aguilera is still dirty and hot.



Christina Aguilera Topless Body pic Christina Aguilera Hot Legs photography Christina Aguilera Sexy Lingerie photo Christina Aguilera Naughty Cleavage picture
Christina Aguilera Dirty Girl photography Christina Aguilera Cute and Sassy pic    


Christina Aguilera Nude and Pregnant

     December 3, 2007

Christina Aguilera has been trying to hide the fact that she is pregnant from the paparazzi, and just about everyone that asked her about, though it was pretty obvious lately with her baby bump growing more everyday.

So now, Christina Aguilera has officially admitted that she is pregnant, and what's the best way of let the world know, of course, posing naked on Marie Claire magazine, I mean is there any other way for the celebrities?

Nobody is complaining, I mean even though she is pregnant, she looks gorgeous and hot, is just that the whole thing about being pregnant and posing naked is getting old, but let's stop bitching about it and enjoy the Christina Aguilera pregnant photoshoot.



Christina Aguilera Naked Cover photo Christina Aguilera Pregnant Nude photography Christina Aguilera Beautiful and Naked picture Christina Aguilera Nude Black and White picture




Christina Aguilera Big Boobs

     Aug 20, 2007

The other night we saw Christina Aguilera and her husband having dinner together, and something that really caught the attention of everyone was the impressive size of her breasts. Now that Christina is pregnant her boobies look bigger than before.

Apparently she decided to show off her big “lolas” to get some attention and definitely she is not shy. She wants to demonstrate that she will be a well equipped mommy.

Christina Aguilera still looks hotter everyday and we have to wait to see if she can normally breast-feed with those large fake boobs. But for sure, that kid will be very happy!



Christina Aguilera Fake Breasts pic Christina Aguilera Sweet Boobies pic Christina Aguilera Walking photo Christina Aguilera Showing Tits pic
Christina Aguilera Big Boobs pic Christina Aguilera Outside Her Car photo Christina Aguilera And Her Husband pic  



Pregnant but Hot Christina Aguilera

     July 3, 2007

For Christina Aguilera pregnancy comes with the word Hot right beside it, cause this blonde bombshell looks really hot with her dress hiding her baby bump and that amazing cleavage that she used at this interview at Shanghai.

Christina Aguilera's boobs and that espectacular cleavage is all what it takes to get all the eyes on her. She looks so sexy and busty this days that she can wear pretty much any maternity clothes even the ugliest one and we are certain that no one even notice it.

The multi-grammy winner Christina Aguilera says "it's very exciting" to be in China, country where she has been on her huge concert where several other bands have played before such as The Rolling Stones.

The singer Christina Aguilera has kept her agenda through all the continents of the world even now that she is pregnant, we expect to see much more of her and her radiant, sexy and hot pregnant look.



Christina Aguilera Sexy Legs and Cleavage picture Christina Aguilera on Short Dress photography Christina Aguilera Smiling photo Christina Aguilera Sitting Sexy pic
Christina Aguilera Busty picture Christina Aguilera Sexy on Interview photography Christina Aguilera Big Boobs photo Christina Aguilera Sneak Peek pic
Christina Aguilera Blonde Hottie picture Christina Aguilera Posing photo Christina Aguilera Hot Pose photography Christina Aguilera Boobs and Legs pic
Christina Aguilera Posing at Red Carpet photo      




Christina Aguilera Naked Sundays

     April 3, 2007

"Dirty" pop singer Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman like to spend one day a week completely naked with each other, according to what Aguilera has told a women's magazine. Christina, 25, told Cosmopolitan: "We have naked Sundays. You just lie in bed all day and chill with each other and do things that husbands and wives do. We love our cosiness."

The singer also divulged that she and Jordan, 29, cook together to help keep the closeness in their marriage. The couple's joint speciality dish is spicy Mexican tacos. Christina said: "We have our taco night. He cooks the meat and I chop the tomatoes and the lettuce. It's important to take time for your spouse and nurture the relationship."

The 'Aint No Other Man' singer, who has been married for almost a year, insists she and her spouse always devote a day to enjoying each other's bodies.



Christina Aguilera Dirty Image Christina Aguilera Nipples Piercing Photo Nude Christina Aguilera Photograph Christina Aguilera Husband Image
Christina Aguilera Sex Slave Picture Christina Aguilera Mohawk Pic Christina Aguilera Slut Dress Photograph Christina Aguilera Raining Pic
Christina Aguilera Dirty Spy Picture Christina Aguilera Takes Panty Off Image Christina Aguilera Dirty Video Picture Christina Aguilera Butt Naked Picture
Christina Aguilera Flashes Ass Pic Christina Aguilera Madonna Kiss Photo Christina Aguilera GQ Nude Photograph Christina Aguilera Spreads Legs Photo
Christina Aguilera Semi Nude Image Christina Aguilera Flipping The Finger Photo    





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